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DRC :: Dusty Rhino Camp


Burning Man is a sacred time and place for us at the DRC. Therefore we carefully select members who share core values to minimize drama during the week. You'll notice that we do not have many virgins, and some of our veterans have been to the playa more than ten times. Being a part of the Dusty Rhino art car is an extremely rewarding experience. We provide one of the best mobile parties on the Playa and it is imperative as members we present the Rhino as a gift to the community. This is what makes the art on the playa so special to the DRC, the selflessness.

From past burns we have learned a lot about human nature. We look for talented, secure, people who are reliable, and know how to balance hard work and hard play. We'll want to know why you want to be a part of the DRC and what kind of BM experience you want to have.


It is also important that you know what you are getting involved in when you ask to join the DRC. It is a lot of work both on and off the playa, a lot of time and money, and only certain people are up to the task. Many people don't realize, that in choosing to be part of the DRC, you are becoming an integral part of the DRC. Members may be asked to do many different tasks associated with the camp. Examples are, construction, design, lighting, security, welding, organizing, project management, fundraising, driving, bar tending, etc. Also monetary donations are necessary to make it all happen.

Quality control is our number one goal when it comes to membership. Remember, good friends don't necessarily make good camp mates. Please do not get offended if you do not make a perfect fit with the DRC, there are camps of all types for you to join and help!


The general on playa vibe: We are a friendly camp with people who like to party, but are responsible enough to know to keep it discrete. We take pride when driving "Dusty" to wisely choose our respective Burneys (burn + journeys). There are a lot of cool art pieces and discussions we seek, as well as the large EDM parties. We do not necessarily do all the iconic Burning Man events that a virgin would want to experience (ie every wooden art piece burn). While we have a Rhino that blasts 20,000 watts of sound, we also expect some quiet (down) time at our camp. We have deep respect for the natural environment within which we party. We absolutely leave no trace!

The basic camp requirements are these: pay camp dues, make an effort to help out before the playa during the year, take on some limited responsibilities at Burning Man, and contribute to the break down of the camp.

What a DRC Member enjoys:


A) An excellent camp location to spend the week with talented people where you are never far from action.

B) A community shade area with carpeting, couches, pillows, chill space, and cuddle puddle.

C) A community kitchen with griddle, microwave, cooking gear, bbq, that you can use for cooking (you must clean up after yourself)

D) Being part of the Dusty Rhino experience and all that comes with being on the best mobile party on the Playa.


The DRC Commandments:

  1. Everybody pays, everybody works, and nobody leaves before the camp is spotless! The camp will begin cleaning on Saturday and finish cleaning on Sunday before the Temple burn. There will be a $300 "I'll strike before I leave" deposit. These checks will be ripped up when you have signed off with the strike manager.
  2. Be available to work 2 days from the time of your arrival regardless of what day you arrive at BM. If you show up Wednesday night, you will make yourself available to the camp on Thursday and Friday for any camp needs. From experience we know there wont be much but by joining you commit to making yourself available to do what needs to be done so those of us that have been there all week aren't still the ones busting ass.
  3. There will be no "communal" trash at our camp – If you pack it in, pack it out!
  4. There will be no "communal" showers at our camp – You may bring your own and deal with the grey water appropriately!!
  5. There will be evenly distributed ice shifts among all members
  6. Members must help load the budget trucks one day before BM and help unpack the Budget Trucks after BM on the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor Day.
  7. Members are asked to return for a two to three hour organizing shift at American steel post BM
  8. Members are expected to take home the inevitable items left by other random burners. The items will be divided among everyone evenly to be brought home and disposed of correctly. Therefore expect to return with more stuff than you brought, make sure you have plenty of room in your method of transportation.
  9. Members are responsible for getting their own bikes to BM and bringing them back
  10. Members should bring beer for everyone
  11. Take responsibility for yourself and others!: If something's happening and you know it's going to turn out badly, make sure it gets changed.
  12. Fire Poi is encouraged
  13. You cannot refuse a DRC member's request for help for camp infrastructure/ setup/ clean up/ break down. No matter what your mental condition!
  14. Rhino Sound Guidelines – We at the DRC like to pretend we are in a different world for the week of BM, there will be no music played that can be heard on the radio!!! Mind blowing mixes of some popular artists may be allowed if it has never been heard before! To DJ's on the Rhino: if you are passing a camp that has a bigger, more expensive sound system than ours, we shut ours down. Also, if you are driving down city streets you will not blast our Rhino speakers full throttle. There will be absolute silence at the temple and as we approach.